A Togaed Figure

End of Augustean era - first half of Tiberian era (first half of 1rst century) - Restoration by Cavaceppi (end of 18th century)
Material and technique: 
Marble of Luni
massima alt. 150 cm larg. 53 cm prof. 62 cm
From Palazzo Torlonia of Piazza Venezia, after posed in the Tribuna with fountain of Villa Torlonia

Made in Cavaceppi’s workshop, the Togaed Figure was first placed in Palazzo Torlonia in 1802, but was later moved several times at Villa Torlonia and was found in a niche of the Tribuna con Fontana.
The statue was originally created with a head (later deemed unnecessary). In the eighteenth century restoration work was undertaken on the right foot, lower section of the neck, right arm and left hand.
An idea of the original state of the work is given by an engraving by Vitali.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala da ballo

The central feature of the Casino is the Ballroom, which is a full two storeys high. Caretti maintained the architectural structure he inherited from Valadier but added two structures for musicians at the sides and lined every part of the room with paintings, stuccoes, marbles and gilding.

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