Alessandro’s Room

Alessandro’s Room is a mirror image of the Bacchus Room. It was once used as a dining-room, as is demonstrated by the furniture along the walls. It is completely decorated with frescoes, stucco friezes and marble statues that recount the deeds of Alexander the Great, whose iconography is a clear encomiastic allusion to Alessandro Torlonia

Sala di Alessandro

In the vault Francesco Coghetti painted Episodes from the life of the commander. Immediately below, there runs a low-relief frieze depicting the Triumph of Alexander in Babylon by Bertel Thorvaldsen, derived from the marble original in the Quirinale. Along the walls, painted Allegorical Figures allude to the attributes of the hero and inside the niches stand marble statues of Apollo and the Muses sculpted by young artists working in the circles of Thorvaldsen and Pietro Tenerani.

The floor by Carlo Seni is in the style of an “Etruscan” mosaic.