Mappa accessibilità Villa Torlonia

The Sovrintendenza Capitolina ai Beni Culturali has the mission to provide a wide public access to its historical and cultural heritage.
A large number of the Museum System of Roma Capitale is open and accessible to all visitors.
In some cases the historical structure of the buildings cannot be completely eliminated, but many museums have been provided with lifts, stair lifts and services for visitors with reduced mobility.
The museums provide a wide range of facilities and programmes for adults and young people with disabilities.

The entrance at the Museums is free of charge for disabled people and one of their family members or other person who accompanies them and demonstrates that they are members and employees working in social and health services. The ticket offices are located at the Casino Nobile and the Serra Moresca.

For information about dedicated workshops please consult our Online Accessible Projects.

Audio and video contents linked to the Villa Torlonia Museums are available online on the Digital Museum page.

Access for visitors with reduced mobility

Icona disabili motori

The Access at the cultural heritage inside Villa Torlonia Museums is possible by using a range of different devices (lifts, elevators and ramps) and by the assistance of the staff in charge of the museum.

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Access for blind and visually impaired visitors

Icona disabili visivi

The Villa Torlonia Park is provided by a special guided touch map located at the main entrance in Via Nomentana n.70, designed to help visitors who are visually handicapped or have low vision to visit the Villa and its Museums.

It is possible to explore and learn about some of the most important works exhibited in the Villa Torlonia Museums through guided touch tours.

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Access for deaf visitors


The Villa Torlonia Museums have produced two videos in LIS (Italian sign language) explaining the Casino Nobile and the Casina delle Civette, that have been placed at the entrance to both museums and are also available online.

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In Villa Torlonia is now available the first touch sensitive map for the Historical Villas, as a new inclusive resource for the Access to the Museums by Touch projects. Located inside the Villa's park, near the main entrance in Via Nomentana 70, the touch map (design "for all") provides a simple and clear way to find your route in the wonderful garden area of the most beautiful noble Roman villa, for people with visual difficulties (blind, visually impaired and with colour perception problems) and for the normally sighted.

In addition, the desk's features guarantee the full use of this map also for people with motor disabilities (an empty space below the level of the inclination to host the wheelchair).. 


The access at the entrance and to the information offices is by a stairway.
The first gallery can be reached by a standard size lift. Ask the staff for the activation of the lift.

Educational visit
Musei di Villa Torlonia
05 August - 31 December 2023
Una visita guidata tattile-sensoriale con operatori specializzati disponibile su richiesta.
Guided tour
Musei di Villa Torlonia
05 August - 31 December 2023
Una visita guidata tattile-sensoriale con operatori specializzati disponibile su richiesta.
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