The Psyche Room

Opposite the “Berceau” Room is the Psyche Room, named for the paintings in the vault by Pietro Paoletti that tell the Story of Psyche.
The cycle was inspired by the frescoes in the Farnesina painted by Raphael, as is often the case in the houses of the nobility.

The scenes depicted are: Eros crowning Psyche, Psyche and Zeus, Psyche before Venus, Psyche and Eros sleeping, Eros and Zeus, and, in the centre of the vault, Mercury presenting Psyche to Zeus.

Camera di Psiche
Diana cacciatrice

Bertel Thorvaldsen school

Half of 19th century

Bartolomeo Cavaceppi (Rome 1717 - 1799)

Testa di donna

Bottega Cavaceppi

1500 (post) - 1599 (circa) sec. XVI