The Room of the Satyrs

This tiny and extremely richly decorated room is formed from the dome of the octagonal cupola.
Its name comes from the series of miniature stucco satyrs which sit around the edge of the eye opening up into the lantern above.

There are also three circular windows opening out from the sides of the cupola, which are decorated with stained glass. They are the work of Duilio Cambellotti, although only one is original. The designs show ivy leaves and bunches of grapes.
There is more delicate stucco work along the walls, showing ivy tendrils and snails, while the same motif of ivy leaves is repeated in the mosaics on the floor.

Salottino dei Satiri, Soffitto con figure di satiri, foglie d??edera e lumache

The doors open onto a charming balcony made of carved wood, surmounted by a cupola covered with fine wood work, with a design recalling the stucco work inside. The cupola is supported by columns with capitals in the form of snails.

An elaborate wooden bench used to run along the walls, but only a part of it now survives.

Sedile a panca
1920 ca.
Giuseppe Mattia, Pavimento con foglie d'edera

Giuseppe Mattia

First half of the XXth century
Duilio Cambellotti, Edera e nastri
Stained window

Duilio Cambellotti