Cavaceppi studium

End of 18th century
Material and technique: 
From the Tribuna with fountain of Villa Torlonia

Cavaceppi was also responsible for this plaster cast of the marble bust of Emperor Caracalla in the Capitoline Museums that dates from the early years of his reign. The Roman statue was restored by Napollioni in the nose, hair and right eyebrow.
The design of the armour tells us that the bust was made during the Flavian-Trajan period.
The strong expressiveness of the face, typical of the various portraits of Caracalla, was much admired by experts in the late eighteenth century and believed to be one of the last examples of authentic Roman art.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Secondo vestibolo

The room next to the entrance is symmetrical to the one on the left side and very similar in appearance: it is lined with stucco marble in imitation of ancient yellow marble and has a coffered ceiling decorated with stucco rosettes and acanthus leaves.

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