Bust of a man

Busto virile
Bottega Cavaceppi (fine XVIII sec.)
Material and technique: 
Marble of Carrara
Near the Casino dei Principi of Villa Torlonia

The figure wears a cuirass with an unnecessary paludamentum over the top, which reveals the neck slightly uncovered and the pteryges that escape from beneath the sleeves.
Although the head is missing, archive photographs reveal that it resembled portraits of Trajan though it was not an exact ancient model.
The rather free and easy work exercised on the bust suggests that it was executed in the nineteenth century rather than in Cavaceppi’s workshop.

The hall


The staircase leads to an antechamber that opens onto the large loggia on the pronaos. It has ceilings decorated by Decio Trabalza of Dawn, Day and Night.

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