Culture KIDS

Culture KIDS collects activities dedicated to children.

Activities designed and developed to inspire children's creativity and imagination: starting from the contents of the museums, they can play or express their imagination by describing their collections through their own eyes.

Casina delle Civette illustrazione di Flavia Cecconi

La Casina delle Meraviglie

Let's follow the footsteps of the symbolic animals in the Casina delle Civette Museum. Through the use of a number of thematic illustrations, accompanied by extensive photographic and textual material, a narrative is constructed that is suitable for younger children, with animals and their symbolic presence in the museum's decorations as its leitmotif. Not only owls, so dear to Prince Giovanni Torlonia, but also snails, bats, swallows, peacocks and swans are the protagonists of a virtual tour that explores their meanings and has the task of stimulating the imagination of children, who are invited to produce drawings dedicated to these images and the stories they tell. Curated by Maria Grazia Massafra and Flavia Cecconi.

A serial story with drawings and pictures can be downloaded in several chapters:

Capitolo 1 La civetta e il principe
Capitolo 2 La Casina delle Civette Museo della Vetrata Liberty
Capitolo 3 La Stanza delle Civette
Capitolo 4 Il soffitto della camera da letto
Capitolo 5 La stanza dei Satiri
Capitolo 6 La civetta riprende il volo...
Capitolo 7 La stanza delle Rondini
Capitolo 8 La Stanza dei Ciclamini
Capitolo 9 Il serpente