Library of the Applied Arts

Opened in 1998, the Applied Arts Library is housed in the House of the Owls. Although it is located in the Museum, it can be accessed through a separate entrance.

At the moment, the library contains ca 1400 books on the applied arts (fragile, solid, malleable, and soft arts), a special section is dedicated to gardens and historical parks and one to the districts of Rome.
The library is used primarily by university students doing research on Villa Torlonia, on its buildings and its stained glass windows, but also on artistic techniques and decorative arts in general.
There are only three study stations. Loan and photocopy service is not available.

Casina delle Civette

Reservation required at
Open on Tuesday from 9.00 to 16.00

The library will be closed at the public from 12 to 23 July and from 2 to 27 August.