The Museums of Villa Torlonia are accessible. The exhibition area of the Casino dei Principi is in part accessible.
Access to the Villa is allowed to cars with a wheelchair pass in order to reach the Museums and the exhibition area by car with entrance from Via Nomentana 70.
Parking is not permitted.


The Access at the Museum is through a staircase. The first and second floors of the Museum can be reached by a standard size lift.


The entrance into the Museum is through a dedicated entrance (east side Museum) with a step of approx. 3 cm.
Direct access to the Exhibition Hall with a step of approx. 5 cm.
Level 1 is reached by a small lift with a clear span of 76 cm and a depth of 108 cm, and is therefore suitable for small wheelchairs only. Please ask the caretaker to activate the lift.
The entrance to the Giardino delle Civette (level 0) has direct, hard-paved access.
A Braille guide for blind visitors is available from Library staff.


The Access to the Scuola Romana's Archive and Library (level 1 of the building) is by car with a valid ID card and an escort to the entrance.
Access to the Exhibition Rooms (levels 0 and 1) is not permitted from the library/archives.
Access to the Exhibition Rooms (level 0) is via a dedicated entrance and ramp (west side of the building).
Access to the Exhibition Halls (level 1) is via the standard size lift. Please ask the custodian staff to activate the lift.
Please note that there are no guides for the visually impaired at both the Casino Nobile and the Casino dei Principi.


The Serra Moresca is accessible for peaople with disability.
For the access to the garden in the back, it is necessary to leave the Serra and enter through the gate at the back.

The museum has 1 wheelchair available for people with mobility difficulties: ask the caretaker.
Not available for the Serra Moresca.


At Villa Torlonia the first tactile map of Historical Villas is available, a new tool for accessibility in the context of the Museums to Touch programme. Located in the park of the Villa, at the main entrance of Via Nomentana n.70, the tactile map of the place in relief (design "for all") provides, in a clear and simple way, the orientation in the wonderful garden of the most recent noble Roman villa both to visually impaired people (blind, visually impaired and with problems of colour perception) and to people with normal vision.
The technical details of the bookstand also enable people with motor difficulties to make full use of the map (there is an empty space below the sloping plane to provide space for a wheelchair).


A ramp provides access to the entrance and information offices. The first gallery of the theatre can be reached by a standard size lift. Ask the staff to activate the lift.

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