Wings and Flames

Paolo Paschetto, Ali e fiamme

Paolo Paschetto

Stained window
c. 1927
Material and technique: 
Vetri opalescenti, tessitura a piombo di vario spessore, alcuni piombi rastremati. Telaio con ferri d’irrigidimento perimetrali
alt. 138 cm larg. 30,6 cm
Collezione Paschetto, Torre Pellice
M CC 19

In the stained glass piece “Wings and flames”, which decorates a false staircase in the Paschetto family home in Via Pimental in Rome, the subject of wings, which the artist often associated with the zither in his graphic work – probably refering to the zither of David – is developed throughout the work, using a vertical scheme in which the three wings in the first level, arranged symmetrically over each other, alternate with the vibrant red flames, which blaze against the opalescence of the grey and blue feathers, rendered in an unusually realistic style.

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Stanza dei trifogli

This room takes its name from the clover motif recurrent in its decoration. The shallow stucco of the ceiling shows a pattern of clover fronds woven together, as does that which frames the spacious alcove, designed, according to the sources, to hold a couch covered in purple velvet.

The floor design takes up the same motif, depicting on tiles of marble agglomerate in turquoise and yellow-ochre.

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