Roses, tapes and butterflies

Paolo Paschetto, Rose, nastri e farfalle

Paolo Paschetto

Material and technique: 
Vetro antico di Germania, soffiato a bocca, colorato in pasta; vetri opalescenti colorescenti; vetro antico multicolore. Tessitura a piombo di vario spessore, sustagnato e stuccato su entrambi i lati
Casina delle Civette
M CC 145 a b c d e f g h i

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Balcone delle rose

The narrow passage next to the Prince’s bedroom is articulated by a sequence of stained glass pieces designed by Paolo Paschetto and created by Cesare Picchiarini from the sketches displayed in the smoking room, with a composition of Roses, ribbons and butterflies.

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