Swamp flowers and iris

Fiori di palude e iris

Laboratorio Picchiarini, 1914 and Vetrate d’arte Giuliani, 1997

c. 1914 e 1997
Material and technique: 
Vetro opalescente, vetro antico, vetro cattedrale, vetro inglese, piombo saldato e stuccato su ambedue i lati
Casina delle Civette
M CC 150 a b

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Bagno degli ospiti

The second bathroom in the house is smaller than the Prince’s, but no less decorative.
Indeed, the small room was entirely covered with fine majolica work, depicting cascades of bunched of yellow grapes at the high up the walls and an elegant Art Deco design in the bottom strip of the walls.

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