Culture at your fingertips. Touch Tour of the works of the Museo della Villa and the Museo della Scuola Romana at the Casino Nobile of Villa Torlonia

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Musei di Villa Torlonia,

Casino Nobile

This initiative is dedicated to the theme of accessibility, in order to promote access to cultural heritage and museums in the widest sense possible.

Accompanied and guided by specialists from the volunteer association Museum, who for years has been involved in projects related to the theme of accessibility with regard to cultural patrimony, the visitors will be able to analyze the works through tactile exploration, without the benefit of sight, and discover the particular features of works from different periods and of different materials.

The personal perceptions of the individuals and the sharing within the group will make for an interesting and uncommon experience.

 At the Casino Nobile it will be possible to explore some of the works of the ground and first floors from the Museo della Villa.  Typical of the Torlonia family collection, these pieces were all recovered within the villa (pediment of a shrine with symbols of the Goddess Fortuna, II sec. AD – Head of a man, second half of the 1700’s - fragment of Cosmatesque floor, 1840 ca.  - Diana  Gabina, second half of the 19th century).

The “touch tour” will continue on the second floor, seat of the Museo della Scuola Romana. The works selected are The Portrait of Maria Pia Luccichenti ( by Pericle Fazzini, 1933 – 1987), Miriam che dorme and Re David piange la morte di Assalonne (by Antonietta Raphaël, respectively 1933 e 1947 – 1969) which provide an introduction to the artistic production of Rome during the 1930’s which constitutes a substantial part of the collection. 


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Saturday, September 20 at 16.30.

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Booking required: +39 060608 (max 10 people)

Guided tour by the volunteers of the association Museum

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