Stained glass with grape bunches and leaves

Laboratorio Picchiarini, Vetrata con grappoli d'uva e foglie

Laboratorio Picchiarini

Stained window
c. 1914
Material and technique: 
Vetro bianco finestra, vetro opalescente, piombo stuccato e saldato da ambo i lati
Casina delle Civette
M CC 137 a b

Masterpieces of the hall

The hall

Sala da pranzo

This room is characterized by the fine wood panelling that covers all the walls and frames the four doors.

The panels are carved into laurel branches and berries, with inserts made from light wood creating a ribbon pattern, which is outlined by squares of bronze. Ears of corn, arranged in groups of three and also made from bronze, demarcate the panels. 

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